A Note from the ABR Ride Guy – John Meyers


With the beginning of a new year, comes that time to reflect on the past and look to the future. Looking back at the past three years as the Z2 Ride Guy, I am pleased to say it was a period in which we developed many new fun and interesting activities, which have become a part of the Chapter.

  • Multi-day Adventure Rides,
  • New weekend rides.
  • Observation Ride
  • The Great Bug Contest,
  • After Breakfast Rides.
  • Mystery Dinner Rides
  • Annual ride to the Sky (Willow Mountain)
  • Annual Local Color Ride (Lake Shebbona)
  • Frost your Buns Ride

The success of these activities is do in great part to the members who I could always count on for their help and council. They especially deserve a big Thank You. Also to the few who showed their appreciation for our efforts, we thank them for giving us the incentive to continue on.


As to the future I will be focusing on the After Breakfast Riders. (ABR), a great group of people I am pleased to be associated with.

The ABR has had a steady growth over the past few years, with as many as 25 members and guests attending the weekly breakfast and with as many as 20 members participate in the rides.

The ABR weekly meetings are greatly anticipated, as you can always count on great discussions on current events, politics, rides, bike safety, maintenance, food, restaurants, and a zillion other topics. As an example of a recent discussion, we determined the feature of ceramic balls. But of most importance we all can count on a lot of fun and some really big laughs.

Our goal in this year will be to continue to develop new rides, new locations and new routes. We will continue to search out the best eateries and most importantly continue the search for that very special ice cream Shoppe. We will keep are schedule to include some of our favorite places. And even though the Summit has been absolutely great to us, we will consider some new monthly or quarterly assembly areas.

Also we will continue the discussion on developing ABR Apparel to set the group apart from other clubs. As of now we are considering the following apparel and club colors; however a debate on the helmet color has postponed a decision. We hope by mid- year to have an approval.

Pink RIder Outfit

Proposed ABR apparel and colors for 2016

To All a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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