ABR Meanderings – March – John Meyers

The cold of March did not deter the AB Riders from attending the weekly morning meetings. The good attendance gave us the opportunity to discuss many topics and resolve many world problems.

Everyone is anxiously looking forward to the riding season with many providing interesting ride destinations. We are considering rides to the Isle a LA Cache Museum in Romeoville, The Covered Bridge, Princeton, and Taste This Sandwich, Algonquin, along with favorites from the past few years. To those that ask, will we again try to tackle Willow Mountain? Yes, as long as we are not confronted with blizzards, high winds and severe cold at the higher elevations. Again this ride will be for those who can handle treacherous roads, steep grades and wild goat crossings.

Next month we will publish the ABR rides for April and May. This year the schedule will be for a period of two months. This will help in avoiding numerous rescheduling due to the weather, and conflicting events.

Some of the group has been wise enough to get away from the deep freeze. Joe Hughes remains in Sarasota Florida, he tells us, he’s been riding every day, but looks forward to joining us around the first of April. Al, Joan and Harry (the pooch) Nurczyk have headed to the Southwest, the other Harry and Rita to the West. I also did some traveling to the south, but found little relief from the snow and cold in Tinley Park.

As I pointed out last month, the AB Riders have decided to continue our weekly meetings at Sunmist in Addison. The management has been very accommodating, and the service is excellent. We will continue to meet Wednesdays at 9:00AM for breakfast and/or coffee.

As always, we look forward to you joining us. There is always room at the table.

John Meyers                                   ABR Coordinator                                      

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