Chapter Communications Options

We now have several different ways to communicate within our Chapter. It’s always a challenge to keep everyone informed and up-to-date as we all have busy schedules, travel, can’t always make the meetings, and so on.

The Chapter Newsletter remains a staple for our monthly written document. It is typically emailed out several days before our scheduled meeting, and almost immediately is also available for download via our website. Unfortunately, the newsletter needs to be written a week or more before the meeting in order to allow time for production and printing, and so things may change or need to be updated. Hard copy versions of the newsletter are available to anyone who needs one, just let us know.

The meeting itself is important way for us to share information not to mention a lot more fun, but again, not everyone can always make the meeting and may still want to engage with us in our rides and other activities.

Our website ( is probably the central means for everyone to stay abreast of the latest information. Articles from our newsletter are published in the “Chapter IL-Z2 News & Articles” section. You can search/view these without the need to open the entire newsletter. Further, you can subscribe to these articles by following four easy steps, shown below. Whenever an article is added or modified you will be sent an email notification. You can always unsubscribe. Newsletters are available for download, links to helpful sites, our updated Ride/Event Calendar and more.

STEP 1– Click on menu for Chapter IL-Z2 News and Articles


STEP 2 – Enter your email address (e.g.


STEP 3 – Confirm your email


STEP 4 – Receive Confirmation in your email


Another method is to use Facebook. Many people do not use or like Facebook but we have almost 35 members of the GWRRA IL-Z2 Facebook group. This group is private and if you choose to join, Tony will approve your full participation. You can then see posts and some active communication chats between members, questions being answered and some impromptu rides or other being established. I personally wasn’t a big Facebook fan until I saw how valuable this is. For example, at our recent dinner, due to some cancellations, Doug found we had some extra room. He put this on Facebook so any last minute dinner goers or their guests would feel welcome – and it worked!

Another Facebook option is the new Facebook page (not the same as the group) that was recently created. This is more for publishing information about our Chapter and what is going on so that we might be able to connect with non-members and encourage new participation. This Facebook page is at, We have posting on different topics and even will post events as reminders for currently scheduled activity.

If you should have any questions on how to sign up or use Facebook please just ask, as we have several members who are very good using this application.

In all cases, we are trying our best to keep you informed about what is going on in your Chapter. If you should have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Jim Kopchok – Chapter Director

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