August ABR from John Meyers

It was with great sadness to have learned  of the passing of Ron Walldren.

His absence will create an everlasting void, to those who had the opportunity to know him. He  brought  joy, fun and laughs to any group he was with, and was greatly missed if not in attendance. He knew how to live life to the fullest. Knowing the seriousness of his health, he never let it get in his way of enjoying time with family and friends. It was his postive outlook that gave him many months beyond Doctors predictions. He can never be replaced.

Ron had a heart of Gold, he never refused to come to someone’s aid, many stories could be told of his help to others.  Another attribute, he never spoke poorly of anyone. He enjoyed the company of all, even those who disagreed with his politics

Although it was well known he served as a  Marine in Vietnam, few knew he was well respected  by his fellow Marines for his bravery. His exploits in the service brought him numerous  honors, making  him a highly decorated Marine. And although Ron had many war stories he never would talk about them. His comment was “The fight is over so why bring it back”.

Ron  enjoyed  being a member of the breakfast gang and the Chapter. He truly enjoyed riding with his fellow members, even though we once left him behind, he never let us forget that day.

He loved to ride. It seemed as though nothing could get  in his way of riding. On a cold, windy miserable day in December with snow showers and slick roads we arranged to meet in Barrington. I got there by car and assumed he would also, but down the road he came on the old white Wing with his rabbit and flags in tack.  I asked him why he would be on a bike when no other biker would consider being out  in this weather, he replied. “Yes it was very cold and windy and at times the snow showers affected my vision, and I did hit some slick spots, which  nearly made me fall, but other then that “it was not such a bad day for a ride”.

On the day of his passing Ron said he was feeling better and was looking forward to getting back on the bike and riding with the Chapter. He was hoping to find a bike conversion to make the bike more stable for him. We closed by his saying he will be there next Wednesday.

Ron will be greatly be missed but long remembered, he was a great friend to all.  I will always feel honored to have known him and to have had the opportunity to spend the time I did with him.

July brought forth the lowest number of ABRiders we have had in months. Seems everyone had other activities that conflicted.

Doug Baker once again participated in the Mackinaw Sailing Race. He did not place as well as last year when he took 2nd in his division.

We were very sorry to hear that Robert Ullrich  lost his mother last month. Our condolences to Robert and his family.

Well that will wrap it up for another month.

Safe riding to you.

John Meyers

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