Oct. News from our Chapter Ride Coordinator, Don Shore

Enjoying the Fall Color Ride

Well, our biggest ride of the year is in the books. This year we headed to Hillsboro Wisconsin. At one point during the week we had as many as 16 members join us as we cruised through the hills and valleys of west central Wisconsin. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, only had to deal with rain once during one of our rides. Now we begin working on our big trip for next year.

Also in the books is our Ice Cream Ride to Ottawa on September 26th. We met up at Fox Valley Cycles and left with 7 bikes and 13 people. Turned out to be another perfect day for riding and we clocked in about 160 miles for the day.

October 3rd & 4th was our annual Fall Color ride. 5 bikes and 8 people headed towards Galena cruising through northwest Illinois. The ride started out a little wet and chilly, but the rain soon stopped and other than being chilly, it was a decent weekend for riding. We originally wanted to stop in Galena for lunch, but their Oktoberfest was happening, and the town’s population was double what is usually is plus there was nowhere to park so we headed just outside of town to O’Dowd’s Irish pub. After lunch we headed south making a quick stop at a local winery before continuing south through the Mississippi Palisades and into Savanna Illinois and on to our Hotel. The plan on Sunday was to head into Oregon Illinois for their fall festival, or the Olde English Faire at Stronghold Castle, this didn’t work out as well, Oregon was shut down due to a 5K run in the morning and a parade in the afternoon, so we decided to take a different route home to avoid the masses.

We only have a couple of more rides planned. Next is to Silver Springs State Park after our meeting on Sunday October 11th to see the local fall colors.

The last ride of the season is our “Frost your Buns” Ride after our November meeting. We’ll be heading north to the Broken Oar in Port Barrington for lunch. Anyone not wanting to ride but still wants to join us for the ride can do so in their car as long as you drive with your windows open and your air conditioning on full blast.

We’ll be working on our rides calendar for next year, so if anyone has any suggestions for rides or ride destinations that you would like us to consider, please forward them to me.



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