Excitement is Building! – Jim Kopchok, Chapter Director

You can feel the excitement build as Spring weather starts to arrive. I hear more conversations about riders bringing their bikes home from winter storage, bikes being cleaned, polished, oil being changed! We are ready!

AND…. Don Shore, Ride Coordinator, says be ready for a possible after meeting ride this Sunday! Keep your eye on the weather…..

This month’s calendar includes another Chapter Dinner at Harners Bakery and Restaurant in North Aurora on April 16th. We had a great time when we last visited so we hope to have a repeat performance and maybe our first ride in event. Dinner is on a Saturday with the Prime Rib special on the menu. Make sure to sign up at our meeting.

Also in April are two non-Chapter training events. The Trailering Training in Vandalia is scheduled for April 16-17 and the Advance Rider Course/Trike Rider Course (ARC/TRC) is in Sterling, IL again this year on the weekend of April 23-24. I’m planning to be there for the Trike course on Sunday and Butch and Mary were going up for the 2-wheel event on Saturday. Check out the web site for more info and to check availability if you are interested. More information can also be found on the Illinois District web site.

Billy’s Biker Workshop is scheduled for April 30. For those of you new to Z2, this is a great opportunity to ride your bike over to Billy Naughton’s garage where he will lend expert opinion and guidance on helping you do maintenance on your bike. Want to learn how to do an oil change? Now’s the time. This is a great Z2 benefit so come to our meeting this Sunday, April 10th, to learn more. Bring your own supplies and consumables.

Remember, that while we are all excited about mounting up again for another season, other vehicles on the road aren’t as excited or expecting to see motorcycles again. Stay alert for those unexpected conditions and reactions from motorists. Not just now, of course, but all season long.

Also, it’s not just the other motorists that we need to think about. We need to recondition ourselves for the riding season. Give yourself time for those riding instincts to kick back in, practice some of your riding skills and adjust to some of the new toys that you added over the winter. Our recent seminar on Mature Riders reminded us that it’s natural for some of our skills to diminish as we grow older, so give yourself time.

Our May meeting is one week earlier due to Mother’s Day. See you on May 1 for our regular meeting. Also sign up now for our Ride Captain Training on May 7. We will be conducting the training at Fox Valley Cycles starting at 10am, with a combination of classroom and road training. See what it takes to be a ride leader and become a better ride participant as well.

That’s it for me this month. Barb and I are in the middle of moving and my head is bursting with details. We look forward to seeing you all at the meeting to focus on the fun we have in store for this year.

Ride Safe!

Jim & Barb Kopchok Chapter Director

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