Spring is Here! – Don Shore, Ride Coordinator

Well Spring is finally here, and its time to dust off your ride, wash, wax, and polish the chrome, check your tires, fluids and get ready to ride.Picture1

At the writing of this article, the long range forecast is showing that the weather on Sunday April 10th is supposed to be mostly sunny with a high of 63 degrees, so it looks like we will have our first official ride of 2016 after our chapter meeting this Sunday, but remember, it is a long range forecast and it is Chicago so the weather tends to change drastically every 10 minutes. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the weather men/women are actually going to be right for once.

As far as this first ride of the year, I have nothing specific planned, so we’ll play this one by ear and see what the consensus is for a destination.

The first ride of last year to Lindys landing in Wauconda and the last ride to the Broken Oar in Port Barrington turned out to be great rides to start and end our season.

I try not to repeat rides, but these 2 might be worthy of repeating at some point.

I have picked a number of destinations for this riding season. Although some of the destinations may be close, I’ve laid out some routes that will guarantee that it will take some miles and time to get there.

A Few of the “Destinations” for the after meeting rides that I have in mind for this season are

  • Illinois Beach State Park, this one was cancelled last year due to tons of road construction.
  • South Moon BBQ in Hinckley Illinois
  • Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora
  • Kuma’s Corner in Schaumburg Illinois
  • Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin (not necessarily for gambling, but for the restaurants there
  • Fatty’s Pub & Grill in DeKalb Illinois
  • A Zoo, not going to say which one, but it is in Illinois as well

Remember its not about the Destination (unless it’s a restaurant, which some of these are)

Its about the ride to get there

Don’t forget about our day long, weekend and week long trips, by the look of the sign up sheets we’re going to have a huge turn out for these rides, soremember to make your hotel reservations early to get our special pricing on the rooms.

Don Shore
Z2 Ride Coordinator


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