Air Pressure – Dennis Murphy, Chapter Educator

            We all know the T in T clock stands for tires. It is a very important part of the motorcycle. The T clock is a series of checks that every rider should do before we put the bike on the road. Yet when it comes to checking out the tires many of don’t. Most of us will look at the fuel gauge, check the dip stick and then we are on our way and that is wrong. Just to give the tires a quick look is not enough. Today, we have technology. There are motorcycles that will manage itself. These bikes will tell us almost everything that is wrong. And there are some bikes that make us complacent about performing pre-ride inspections. The Honda Goldwing is one of them. Everyone is maintenance free, they are well built. One of the most commonly overlooked maintenance item that we overlook is the tires. There are people who have tire pressure monitoring sensors TPMS. By the time you get a warning on the instrument panel, air pressures have already dropped to an unsafe level.

I know that each ride is different. Sometimes you have a load and sometimes you don’t, the TPMS cannot tell the difference. The monitor system can only tell you when the system shows a pressure difference between the two tires, in a perfect world that is great.

The best and safest way is to buy a good gauge and get down on to the ground and check the tire yourself. A quick look or a squeeze will not tell you what you need to know. Sometimes you cannot feel the low air pressure.

Did you know most of the new modern motorcycle tires have stiff sidewalls and don’t distort enough to reveal under inflation. The only way you should check your tires is get down on the ground and check tire conditions and look for foreign objects. You never know what you got stuck with on the last ride which could be a nail or screw. So do it right and be safe. Do not cut corners on safety.

Stay safe.

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