F6B Trike Conversion offer – if anyone is interested

I don’t know anything about this offer but I am passing it along in case anyone is interested… Please contact them directly if you are interested.


Hello Jim,

Do any of your chapter members have a Honda F6B?

I work for Motorcycle Tour Conversions, Inc., maker of the Voyager Convertible Trike Kit, and we are looking for a Honda F6B to make sure our GL1800 conversion mounting brackets fit the F6B.

We are willing to pick up the F6B at your member’s location, trailer it back and forth from our facilities in Ottawa, IL (fully insured), and pay them $50.00 per day that we have the motorcycle in our possession. Our local network dealerships do not have any in stock.

We would be so grateful if one of your members could help a rider in need of stability convert his F6B with the Voyager.


Austin Monroe

National Sales Manager

Motorcycle Tour Conversions, Inc.

P:  (815) 434-7900

F:  (815) 434-8980



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