Bike parts and replacements – Educator, Dennis Murphy

Now that all the holidays are over, we can look forward to the motorcycle show. What you need to do is to make a list of all the things that need to be replaced on the bike. This list needs to be objective. The more you are honest about it the safer you will be.

Let us start with the wind screen, is it scratched? Does it have marks all over it? Is it hard to see through the sunlight? If you said “yes”, it is time to replace it.

How are your handle bar grips? Check them, check for rips, cracking or bumping mess. Also, are they slippery? If they have no friction between your hand and grip they are bad and need to be replaced.

Also, you should look at your foot pegs. Are they in good shape or are they worn? Do they have flat spots? Does your foot slip off or do you need new rubber pads?

While you are down there, check the passenger pegs too. Make sure that your gear shift is in good shape and the rear brake is good. Also, while you are checking the foot controls make sure that nothing is bent, cracked or broken. If you do not check your will never know until it is too late.

The T-Clock is always something you should do before every ride. But there is always room for more. These things I have brought to your attention are very important for your safe riding but sometimes they are over looked and forgotten. Now is the time to go check out your bike. There is no hurry and I am sure no one is out riding in this cold. So now is the time to fix all the little things. In the Spring, you or your shop can get to task of getting your bike up and running.

Stay warm and safe!

Dennis Murphy
Chapter Educator

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