It’s Hot! – Dennis Murphy, Chapter Educator

The temps outside are unreal. We have had some of the warmest weather in a long time. We are breaking records left and right. And all this hot weather even makes it hot while riding the bike. But that is no excuse to leave the safety gear at home. I know that it is easy to overlook the aspects of motorcycle safety gear. Tough gear can be cumbersome, awkward, and intrusive, it is the only thing that will protect you from the road in case of an accident. Imagine sliding across the road at 30 miles per hour wearing shorts, a tee shirt, and gym shoes. That alone scares the hell out of me.

We all know how a good helmet will save your life. Actually, a helmet will keep you cooler on a hot sunny day by keeping the sun from beating down on your head. I know some people say it will cause you to sweat. That is our body cooling itself off. That doesn’t happen if you don’t wear one. That is evaporation. That is because the hot air is keeping you dry. You are still sweating but you do not realize how much heat is effecting you.

Your jackets are very important for protecting your body. There are a variety of jackets on the market, offering many options when it comes to upper body protection from armored race gear to ventilated summer wear, jackets can not only reduce or prevent abrasion injuries, they can look cool in the process of protecting.

It is basic human reflex to break your fall by extending your hands and arms. A considerable amount of damage that can occur when a rider is thrown off the bike. Protect your palms, knuckles and fingers with sturdy constructed, well- padded gloves. Don’t take the chance and leave home without them.

Here is one of the easiest places to get lazy when it comes to motorcycle gear. But just because you’ve donned a helmet, gloves and a jacket doesn’t mean you skip on lower body protection. Pants, there are many styles, touring, and dual purpose to sport and casual. Pick out the one pair that will protect you and look good too!

Just think about it before you leave home without your gear on. What is more comfortable, safety gear or gauze and tape?

Remember stay safe and happy riding

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