Ride Coordinator October Article – Don Shore

Fall is officially here despite  the string of record setting 90 degree weather.

On September 23-24 we put together a last minute fall color ride to Holland Michigan,

We had 12 people make the trip and the weather was great if you like 95 degree weather.


There was a little bit of color but mostly the color was green.

Despite the hot weather and lack of color it was a great weekend for riding.


This Sunday after our regular meeting we’ll head out for a local color ride. Right now

the weather is showing sunny with a high in the upper 70’s.  I haven’t chosen a final destination yet, but I will have one before we leave.


Next month, our last scheduled ride is  our annual frost your buns ride after our regular

Monthly meeting on November 12th. Lets hope Mother nature cooperates and gives us some frosty weather.



Don Shore

Z2 Ride Coordinator


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