MAP 2017 Annual Fun Run

April 1st– October 31st

It’s time once again for the MAP Annual Fun Run. Our theme for this year will be State Parks or Historic Sites and Monuments. I have compiled a list from all the submissions that have been received. While we won’t have as many this year as last year, I did try to accommodate everyone who participates. I have also added several bonus sites as not many chapters submitted entries for a bonus site.

As in the past, you will need to visit the individual sites and have a picture of you visiting the site. You can also do this as a chapter and include the chapter picture. Your Chapter Director will then need to verify everyone from their respective chapter who did participate. For every five sites that you visit, along with your pictures. You will be able to draw a hand of five cards. If you visit a BONUS site, and send a picture with you in it, you will be allowed to draw an additional bonus card. All hands will be $5 a hand, plus an additional $1 for the bonus draw. Unlike last year, there will be NO restrictions when visiting a bonus site. Payment needs to be from your chapters checking account and made payable to: ILLINOIS DISTRICT MAP. NO CASH or personal checks will be accepted. Multiple pictures can be printed on one sheet. If you want to send in pictures during the contest early, we will be posting pictures on the website.

You will need to have all of your pictures, a copy of your checked list, and paperwork for drawn cards sent to us by December 15, 2017. Note: The list for the sites and paperwork for drawn cards are located on the website. After all of the information is received by the cutoff date, each card in the deck will be randomly drawn and assigned a point value. Also, a separate drawing will be done for the bonus sites and those will be assigned a bonus value. The total of these points will be given to the hand and the three highest totals will be the winners. If none of your six cards are a bonus number, you will receive a minimum value for the bonus draw. There will also be an award for the chapter that has the most participants in the contest. Pictures are required to be eligible for the awards. The winners will be announced at Winter Warm Up in 2018. (Bikes do not have to be in the picture)

So, let’s get riding and have some fun!

Participate, Participate, Participate!!!

Larrie Wiggand
IL District MAD Coordinator


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