ABR Meanderings For February

Sunmist Restaurant at daybreak (right?)

Once again each week in January brought out a good number of Breakfast Riders offering good fun, lots of laughs and serious discussions on world events. The big topic this month was; “Is Rap music contributing to our planets wobble?”

I never fail to be amazed by our breakfast turn out. Neither rain, nor snow or polar vortexes’ can keep are group away. A recent Wednesday, with wind chills of 35 below. I wouldn’t think of venturing out, and I didn’t think anyone else would. Well to my surprise I received a call from the restaurant to advise me that 10 members had shown up. That had to be dedication.

Last month we mentioned the possibility of alternating restaurants for one monthly or quarterly meeting. After a great deal of discussion it was decided that the group would prefer to continue the weekly meetings at Sunmist. The feeling being they have been more than good to us and our longtime waitress has become part of the group, knowing our likes and dislikes, and adding a lot of fun to our get-togethers. Therefore we will continue to meet at 9:00 AM Wednesdays at 501 E. Lake Street in Addison. Weather permitting the Rides will kick off between 10:00 & 10:30.

Regarding rides, in mid to late March we will begin providing monthly ride schedules, with the understanding that schedules may change due to weather etc. Last year Mother Nature zeroed in on providing her worst weather for Wednesdays, seriously limiting rides through June. Hoping we don’t have a repeat this year. Again, we will keep the rides to a maximum of 150 RT miles due to our late morning start.


It was great to see Earl Hobbs joining us for a while, he has been busy for the past few months writing tickets for his Police Department, as well as recuperating from a recent medical procedure. Word is that his town may declare bankruptcy for lack of Earl’s ticketing. But have no fear, he is returning soon.

Al & Joan Nurczyk will be soon be leaving on a month long trip to visit with friends in several Southwestern States. We wish them a pleasant and safe trip.Joe Hughes has been calling frequently to make sure we know how great life is in Sarasota Florida. He claims to have been riding every day in January.(Rub it In).Nick Schmitz’s Daughter recently moved to Phoenix, looks like he’ll become a frequent flyer.

Finally, everyone is welcome to our breakfast meetings. Whether you’re a Z2 member, a visitor or just looking for shelter, you are welcome. We are open to bike, scooter, and skate boarders.

AN APPEAL TO ALL, Any ideas on a good ice cream or lunch locations within 50-75 miles? Let me know, after three years I am running out of ideas.

John M.


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