Medic First Aid Training a huge Success!

We had a great turnout of 13 people to take and re-take the Medic First Aid training provided by GWRRA and delivered by our own Earl Hobbs. We are fortunate to have the only MFA trainer in northern Illinois as a member of our Chapter. We learned and refreshed on the many skills it takes to identify and respond quickly and safely to help someone in need. Training in all things is what helps reduce panic if the unfortunate time comes when we need to apply what we have learned. We have many other members of our Chapter who have taken this or similar training, which should make us all feel more confident when we ride! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Check out the pictures in our Picture Gallery….

Don’t forget more training next month, also delivered by Earl, to deal with Group Riding, Night Riding, Mature Riders and more… Sign up at our monthly meeting or let me know you are coming!

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