Illinois Yellow Dot Program

YellowDotLogoAt our recent Medical First Aid training class we had a discussion about the importance sharing patient information with first responders. We learned some techniques to gather vital information from injured people as we look to provide first aid. What if that person is unresponsive? While we again learned what our response should be in such a situation, having contact information about the injured party would help facilitate faster response and something to share with EMS when they arrive.

The Illinois Yellow Dot Program is designed to assist first responders in vehicle accidents by preparing information ahead of time and placing it in a pre-designated location in the vehicle. Placing a large Yellow Dot decal on the back window alerts first responders of your participation in the program so they know where to look.

I have secured a number of Yellow Dot Program brochures, medical cards and decals for your use if you should wish to participate. I will have them at our Chapter meeting, but just let me know if you would like one so we can get it to you. For more information, you can go to

Jim Kopchok – Chapter Director

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