Billy’s Biker Workshop Update

On April 25th, Billy Naughton will again sponsor a workshop intended to provide members with guidance on wrenching their bikes. Billy doesn’t do the work…you do! But he, and his experience, are there to guide you and provide advice. Information such as location and times are included on the Event Calendar. The following information has been provided by Billy to know what to expect. Reminders will be sent closer to the actual date. – JK


To all that will be attending the work shop, I will be providing the tools you will need to do the work that you would like to do to your bike to be ready for the upcoming riding season. You will be doing the work, not me. But I will be happy to advise and offer assistance when required.

Please bring rags or paper towels, brake cleaner, oils, gear lube, brake fluid and the parts that you will be using. I have a container to dispose of all the waste fluids.

I will have a pot of coffee brewing and have donuts while they last.

If you have any questions or need directions, please give me a call and I will help you.


See you all on Saturday 4/25/15



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