ABR Meanderings – April – John Meyers

coffeeguyThe cold of March did not keep the Riders away, attendance was very good throughout the month. The month also brought forth a number of world issues. All of which, with all the great AB minds, fed by corn beef hash, resolved each and every issue.

We missed a few people in March as they decided to head to warmer climates, Joe Hughes in Sarasota, Steve in Tarpon Springs, and Al in Phoenix.

Ron W. was a little under the weather through most of the month, we missed his great insight and wisdom.

With his town suffering from needed revenues, their main ticket writer, Earl Hobbs relinquished his ticketing to join us several times in March. Word has it that with his return, the village returned to financial stability.

A bit of trivia:

Did you know that the ABR’s have two retired police officers, a retired pilot, a VP of a major Airline and a man who survived a major airline accident ?Ruler

Everyone is anxiousl y looking forward to the coming of riding weather. Members have submitted suggestions for rides. Alyce brought in enough suggestions to take us through 2020.

We are considering planning rides in a different manner this season, or at least for the beginning of the season. We will forgo a formal ride schedule, rather we will decide as a group the ride they want to take that week. This is how many other bike clubs handle their rides, and found it more successful than a firm schedule.

This year Russ was the first to ride his bike to breakfast. Congratulations Russ.


If you plan to borrow your bike to someone, make sure the borrower has a current motorcycle license. Recently a borrower was injured on the borrowed bike. He sued the bikes owner for allowing him to use his bike without he having a proper license. The borrower won the suit.

Well that’s the wrap till next month, hope we will be able to have some rides to report on.

Remember we meet every Wednesday at 9:00 AM at the SunMist Restaurant in Addison, all are welcome.

StoshFrom my new assistant Stosh and I, we wish you a great season of safe riding.

John Meyers & Stosh

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