Indiana Covered Bridges Ride Recap

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Indiana Covered Bridges are behind us and our next Adventure Ride to the wilds of middle Wisconsin is coming up soon! J

It was a hot but enjoyable weekend on the ride to Rockville, IN to visit a number of covered bridges. The highlight was a personalized local historic presentation by the current owner of the Grist Mill at the Bridgeton Covered Bridge, the one most prominently displayed on post cards and other material inviting tourists to the area, with a very scenic waterfall! After a great informal talk on the deck of the Grist Mill, loaded with lots of history and local insight, we shopped the local items and grains. Weighted down by our purchases we then decided some cold ice cream was just the right thing and parked ourselves on the deck overlooking the waterfall!

There were a number of bridges Don had on his route, and we found a couple were washed out and had been replaced by modern concrete slabs, and others were down gravel roads that we elected not to try. Recent weather, including the night of our arrival, had caused some flash flood warnings, so we decided to enjoy the cool comforts of the hotel pool. Since it was raining the night of our arrival around dinner time, we were all happy that Butch and Mary had opted to drive down, since they became our source of dinner delivery (there was no food delivery in the area, even the pizza which we eventually decided on)!

Teo Isaac, one of our newer members, joined us for his first overnighter with the Chapter. Teo is an experienced long distance rider and it was great for everyone in having him along and learning about some of his previous advnetures. Now, the question is, after meeting us, will he return? J

We had 7 bikes, 13 people and 1 very important car on our trip.

Because of the heat and some threatening rain showers on Sunday, the group also decided to postpone our visit to Fair Oaks Farms, leaving that for another Chapter day trip. We wanted to experience the fun of that farm and all it has to offer without worrying about the clouds letting loose.

Thanks to everyone who joined us! I hope more of you will come along on our other trips. Remember, even without the bike your participation can be important, as Butch and Mary showed us! So if the weather or long ride has you worried, just jump in the car and escort us along.

These rides are an important part of our Chapter Life and the reason we are all GWRRA members. So if you have any great ideas for rides, both long or short, share them with us. We have lots of help in planning and leading these rides and the more you put into the ride, the more you get out!

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