September Message from the Chapter Director

Hard to believe another month has passed this summer. Our riding opportunities for the next couple months should be cherished! We are looking forward to the Chapter Adventure Ride to Hillsboro, WI in September. A wonderful week of back roads and fellowship. It will be hard to beat last year’s ride to the Ozarks, but I’m confident that it will memorable for all!

After a sad month of August it’s time to get Chapter Z2 back in to swing. Once again, last month’s threatening weather resulted in an after chapter meeting ride cancellation. So we are really wanting to get our ride in this month.

Congratulations to Mary Thielenhouse for winning the Progressive drawing last month! After a year of sometimes close winners, we finally had a member (and with their current membership card) present to win the big prize.

Barb and I missed the Kelsey’s Roadhouse Dinner ride. We can hear from Tony about that ride at the meeting. Thanks, Tony, for taking over the ride leader responsibility. However, I had a good excuse which I will share with you in a minute. Thanks Tony for leading the ride.

My big news concerns finally taking the plunge and getting my Goldwing triked. We went with a Roadsmith conversion and found a great shop in Alabama, called KD Cycle, which claims to be the largest trike shop in the country and the top Roadsmith dealer. They have done over 250 bikes already this year. After riding the 650+ miles there, they completed the bike in 1 day. What an operation! Did I also mention they were thousands of dollars less than anybody I (or anybody else) could find? Then came the experience of riding the trike home. No question the skills required are different in adjusting your riding style, and I am continuing to learn! Thanks, Doug and Don, especially, for great tips on improving my riding skills. These tips have already increased my enjoyment and comfort in riding. I’m looking forward to future classes on trike riding from GWRRA to further my education. And thanks John and Rich for your input on the Roadsmith kit and options. I’d be happy to discuss my process and decision with anyone considering a similar move.

Looking forward then, we have this month’s meeting one week earlier than normal, on September 6, since we leave the following week for our ride to Hillsboro. Any last minute changes or cancellations need to take place with the hotel in Hillsboro, so don’t forget. Our post meeting ride will be to the Air Classics Museum, which we were unable to make last month. Looking for about a 2 hr. ride and after our tour, lunch will be at Calamity Jane’s.  Don’t forget there is a small admissions charge for the museum. The museum parking lot is hard packed gravel, but we will park directly across the street in a restaurant parking lot that is paved.

Sept. 12-19 is our scheduled ride and we will learn more from Don concerning logistics at our meeting. I will also post details to the web site as soon as they have been finalized.

An Ice Cream ride is on the calendar for September 26. More information coming on this ride soon.

October 2-4 is our planned Fall Color Ride. Don has been sketching out a ride to the Galena/Savanah area on Friday and Saturday with the return trip on Sunday coming through Oregon. The first weekend in October is Oregon Festival Days. Stronghold Castle is open to the public this one weekend and has a medieval fair that is a lot of fun. For those of you not wanting to dedicate the weekend to riding, a group ride to Oregon for the day is very doable. We thought this approach was pretty inclusive for all, and any four wheelers that want to also come along are always welcome. At this time of year, we never know what the weather may be.

John and Katie McHugh are moving much further west, so John is resigning from his role as newsletter editor. Thanks John for all your work this year and thanks Don for stepping in this month as a last minute substitute. We are in need of another newsletter editor, so please get your dibs in now on this highly coveted position. This opportunity does not come along often, so call now! The job does require some computer skills, but trainers are standing by!

As always, Ride Safe!

Jim & Barb Kopchok
Chapter DIrector

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