Hillsboro Adventure – Day 4

20150915_163019We started out by meeting in town at Barbie’s Kitchen for breakfast (no, not my Barbie!). After a great meal and wonderful service, we headed out under a small set of raindrops that lasted about 3 minutes and headed west towards Lacrosse. Crossing the river and heading south in MN, we stopped at a small park along Ole Miss and took a break enjoying the scenery. Continuing south into IA, we stopped in Lansing for lunch. Our waitress enthusiastically recommended we visit their local mountain, Mt. Hosmer for a panoramic view of the Mississippi and three states! As we climbed the challenging twists and turns to the top, we realized we had been there before, during last year’s Three River Ride! Everyone was impressed with the majestic view. Riding back down the mountain we crossed back over the river on a steel bridge and headed back east. No ride is complete without and ice cream stop and a local DQ met our needs quite nicely. Alyce would have been proud if she hadn’t had to return home today! Don then found some great gravel roads just for kicks, and we sped home to the hotel hot tub and pool. 9 bikes and 15 riders today to complete about 178 miles.

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