Hillsboro Adventure – Day 6

20150916_114248After missing yesterday’s ride, it was back on the bike for a fast 124 miles of country riding. 8 bikes, 13 people made the trip back west as far as Westby and then heading north to Bangor, then turning east to Sparta and revisit one of our favorite eateries at Dorrine’s. She was happy to see us again and we made the most of the great food. Back on the road heading south and east to Kendall and Glendale and then straight south back to Hillsboro. The morning sun was bright and crisp and got warmer through the morning. After lunch things got a bit overcast but no rain and we all arrived back at the hotel ready for a soak in the pool and hot tub. Tonight we celebrate our last dinner together before heading home in the morning. It has been a great trip and Don Shore did a terrific job setting up all the rides. We had members who were able to make it part of the week in addition to many who stayed the entire time. Thanks to everyone who made this trip so memorable and enjoyable. Let’s finish the ride safely tomorrow And to everyone else, think about next year’s ride 20150916_114319 20150916_114426 20150916_114513 20150916_114627 20150916_135830 20150916_140041 20150916_140125 20150916_140133 20150916_140150 20150916_140315 20150916_140428_Richtone(HDR) 20150916_140451_Richtone(HDR) 20150916_140733 20150916_141038 20150916_141126

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