Hillsboro – Return to Middle Earth

Wisconsin FarmOur last day in Hillsboro saw our Chapter preparing to re-enter the flatlands and bid adieu to our new-found friendly roads in Wisconsin. A leisurely mid-morning departure was perfectly staged by another sunny morning with temps in the high 60s that made for excellent riding. The day eventually made it up into the mid 70s for a comfortable day in the saddle. After a couple twisting roads (just to say goodbye) we hit some very smooth rural highways with great sweeping curves a more beautiful scenery. Heading south, our first rest stop presented an opportunity for some fresh donuts (my personal form of farewell) thanks to fellow chapter members who pointed out these delicious treats! Back on the road we headed for Black Earth, WI, home of the ShoeBox and the “Midwest’s largest shoe store”!  ShoeBoxAs usual, it was a busy Saturday with many customers checking out the enormous collection of footwear.  There were some great discounts (notice I didn’t say cheap as my wife reminded me with her purchases upon exit.) Then it was in the saddle for a return trip to Mt. Holeb, the troll capital of Wisconsin, with its many interesting art and sculpture galleries. Not wanting to repeat ourselves at the restaurant we stopped in on the way up we found a little grill. Maybe not our best choice of the week, but no one went hungry.  Mt Horeb Lunch stopContinuing south we finally crossed the Illinois border. Not without some last minute drama, we noticed smoke coming from the rear of Don’s bike. No , it wasn’t Don powering through another curve, and it wasn’t his smokin’ hot wife, but some loose fender material scraping his tire. After some roadside repair and inspection we were able to continue without any more issues. Finally, heading east on Rt. 20 for our last major leg where members dropped off to return to their own home. It was over! Our week of riding lasted a total of eight days, with up to 16 members participating and 11 bikes. We rode an approximate 1200 miles over the week (individual rates may vary) with all bikes and people returning safely in one piece. We were able to practice and develop more riding skills that make us all better riders. All that’s left are many pictures, fond memories, and thinking about next year’s adventure! We wish the entire Chapter could have been with us, and I’d like to thank everyone who was able to make it for even part of the week. Thanks to Don & Chris Shore for leading each day’s ride, and Doug Koglin for making our hospitality arrangements. Chapter Z2 rocks when it comes to group riding and I’m proud to be a member. (Thanks to Chris Shore for her pictures)

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