Safe Ride! First Rides of the season, Educator Dennis Murphy

Usually the first ride of the season is in late March or early April. But that has all changed this year for many of us. It has been a real surprise to see motorcycles on the road in the middle of February. I can’t help but worry about some of these riders. Are they ready to go riding? Did they take a little time to practice or did they just jump on the bike and ride away?

I know I have said to take your bike down to a nice parking lot and practice. You may not think so but you do forget a lot of stuff, even if you do not think so. You will have to do panic braking and practice your turning skills. I know everyone knows what they are doing. (Really) I do not think so. We all pick up bad habits along the way and you don’t even realize it; just because it works for you doesn’t make it right. For example, making wide turns, you are looking down at the front wheel. The person behind you is going to follow you and that will cause a problem. Stopping properly is very important. I have seen people put their feet down before the bike comes to a stop and that is bad. These are some of the people that I watch paddling their bikes on slow turns. The days were nice but like anything else some people stay out until the sun went down and they were caught without gloves or hat/helmets. When you are that cold riding a motorcycle, something bad is going to happen. Not always but your chances are greatly against you. And all it would of taken was a little common sense.

Let us talk about you. Have you been exercising, working on your strength, hands, arms, and legs? You need a strong grip to hold on. Your arms are needed for control of the bike. Your legs help keep the bike up at stops. Or have you been sitting around thinking that is all good and watching tv? These are a few things to think about. Because when it gets warm I will know what you have been up to.

Safe riding!!!

Dennis Murphy
Chapter Educator

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